Top lists

Top 5 places

Phillips Block – for its grandeur and as the site of Hamburger’s

Baker Block – for its grandeur early on

Bryson-Bonebrake Block – for its architectural beauty

200-300 blocks of S. Broadway – the late-Victorian upscale shopping district

Hall of Records

Bradbury Building – for its beauty inside, for establishing the edge of the business district so far southwest, and because it is still standing

Red Sandstone Courthouse – for beauty and majesty perched on the hill (Pound Cake Hill to be exact)

Calle de los Negros – for hearkening to the adobe past well into the 20th century, for its sordid past, for its unique role as part of Old Chinatown

“Female quarters” – for being a rarely-mentioned secret

Temple Block – for being the heart of the 1850s-1870s city